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Absolute White
In theory, a material that perfectly reflects all light energy at every visible wavelength. In practice, a solid white (with known spectral data) that is used as the "reference white" for all measurements of absolute reflectance.
理論上,完全反映出的一種材料 在一切可見的波長的全部光能。 實際上,一 被用作"參考固體白色(由於知道的光譜的數據) 白色"為絕對的reflectance的全部尺寸。
A neutral color (white, gray, or black) that has no hue. See Hue.
一種中立的顏色(白色,灰色,或者黑色)那 沒有顏色。  
Acousto 光學
A method where the direction of light passing through a crystal is changed using a high frequency sound wave.
在那裡光的指示過去的一種方法 透過一顆晶片被使用高的頻率聲波改變。
Active Area / Effective Area
The dimensions of the perimeter of the conductive area in the viewing area of the LCD glass. The actual area of the touch panel or display that is useful for touch input or display.
導電的周邊的尺寸 在LCD玻璃的可見區域的地區。 實際地區 小組那些觸摸或者展示對輸入觸摸有用或者 展示。
Active Matrix
A liquid crystal display structure in which switching transistors or diodes are attached to each pixel to control the on/off voltage. It produces a brighter and sharper display with a broader viewing angle than a passive matrix display. Also known as AMLCD (active matrix liquid crystal display). See TFT (thin film transistor).
液晶顯示幕架構在方面哪個接通 晶體管或者二極體附在要控制的每個象素上 在上/離電壓。 它生產聰明和騙子展示 由於比被動的基體展示的一個更寬的觀看的角度。 此外作為AMLCD(活躍的基體液晶顯示幕)知道。 看見TFT(薄膜晶體三極管)。
ADC – Apple Display Connector
Proprietary connector used to carry digital video signal and USB data to the CPU. Also used to power the display.
過去常常送數字化的錄像的專賣的連接器 信號和USB 數據到CPU。 此外過去常常為展示提供動力。
Additive Pimaries
In color reproduction, red, green, and blue. When lights in these colors are combined in equal amounts, they produce the visual sensation of white light. When these are combined at varying intensities, a range of different colors is produced. Combining two primaries at 100% produces a subtractive primary, either cyan, magenta, or yellow. See subtractive primaries.
用顏色再生,紅,綠色,和藍色。 燈在這些顏色內和相等的數量,他們化合什麼時候 產生白光的視覺轟動。 當這些是時 在改變強度,多種不同的顏色結合 被生產。 在100%的農產品結合二預選subtractive 主要,或者cyan,紅色苯胺染料,或者黃。 看subtractive 預選。
Advanced TFT
Advanced TFT is a display technology that combines the advantages of a reflective display with a conventional transmissive display. The Advanced TFT has an internal reflective structure plus a small aperture In each sub-pixel to allow back lighting. Unlike transflective technology, it maintains color gamut independent of the ambient. It is more efficient and more effective than transflective displays.
高級TFT是結合的一項展示技術 有道統的transmissive的反射的展示的優勢 展示。 先進的TFT有一個內部的反射的架構 在要允許向后點燃的每個附屬象素裡的正一個小的孔。 與transflective 技術不同,它保持獨立于的顏色全部 周遭環境。 它更有效率並且更有效比 transflective 展示。
Alignment Layer
A thin film layer that is applied by spin coating. This thin film is then treated to impart a desired direction at which the liquid crystal molecules will attach and align. See buffing.
被旋轉薄層使用的一個薄膜層。 這個薄膜然後被對待告知一個要求的方向 液晶分子將附上並且調整好。 看見擦亮。
See Active Matrix.
Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)
A semiconductor material that is used to make the thin film transistors (TFTs) layer of an active matrix LCD.
習慣于牌子的一種半導體材料 薄膜晶體三極管(TFTs)層活躍的基體LCD。
A signal (such as that used to record video and audio images to standard tape-based systems) that can be continuously varied, as opposed to a digital signal, which is broken into numbers (either 0 or 1 in binary systems used in computers, CD-ROMs and other forms of digital recording).
一個信號(象那那樣過去常常記錄錄像和 基于基準卡帶的系統的音頻的圖像)可能連續 變化,與一個數字化的信號相反,被突然開始 數目(在計算機裡使用的0或者二進製1, 數字化的錄音的CD-ROM 和其他形式)。
Analog Resistive Touch Panel
Two transparent resistive layers are separated by small spacers. Touching the screen causes the two layers to come in contact and form a switch closure. By measuring the voltage gradient in the horizontal and vertical axis, position can be determined.
兩個透明的resistive層被分開 透過小的間隔。 接觸螢幕引起兩個層 進來與開關結束聯繫並且形成。 透過測量 在水準和垂直的軸,位置裡的電壓梯度 可能被確定。
An active element; a word, phrase, or symbol.
有效元件; 一句話,短語或者符號。
ANSI Lumen
American National Standard Institute standard for measuring brightness and resolution of a display device. ANSI lumens cannot be converted into other measurements of light as the measurement is an average of 9 points of light.
美國國家標準協會標準 為測量一臺顯示設備的亮度和決定。 ANSI 流明不能變為光的其他尺寸 因為測量是光的平均9個點。
AOD -Acusto-optisc deflector
An AOD (Acousto-Optic Deflector) is used to create a sweep of the exposure laser beams in the Micronic laser pattern generators.
AOD(Acousto 眼Deflector)習慣于創造 在Micronic 鐳射圖案裡的一次暴露鐳射束的打掃 發電機。
AOM -Akusto-optisk modulator
An AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulator) is used to control the intensity of the exposure laser in the Micronic pattern generators.
AOM(眼Acousto的調製器)用來控制 在Micronic 圖案內的暴露鐳射的強度 發電機。
Aperture Ratio
The ratio between the transmissive portion of the pixel and its surrounding electronics, also known as fill factor. Generally, this is a limiting factor for luminance, the higher the aperture ratio, the brighter the luminance. Light-transmitting area of a subpixel divided by its screen area (SubpixelPitch x RowPitch).
在transmissive部分之間的比率 也是被稱為填充的象素和它的環境電子 原素。 通常,這是亮度的一個限制的原素, 孔比率越高,亮度越明亮。 傳送光 一subpixel除以(SubpixelPitch它的螢幕地區的地區 x RowPitch)。
Aspect Ratio
The width-to-height ratio of the active area of a display. Standard U.S. video has an aspect ratio of 4:3.
有效面積的寬度對高度的比率 展示。 標準美國錄像有4︰3的高寬比。
The light source for a transmissive LCD. Basically, two techniques are used in transmissive LCD designs, direct lighting and side lighting. Direct-lit backlights use CCFTs (cold cathode fluorescent tubes) and a diffuser panel directly in back of the LC (liquid crystal) layer. Side-lit backlights use CCFTs and a light pipe on one or more of the edges of the display.
transmissive LCD的光源。 基本上, 兩種技術被在transmissive裡使用LCD 設計,直接 點燃並且邊點燃。 直接點燃的backlights使用CCFTs (冷陰極日光燈)和一擴散器小組直接 在LC(液晶)層的背面裡。 邊點燃的backlights 使用CCFTs 和一光導管關於一個或多個邊緣 展示。
A protective frame fitted over an LCD to protect the glass edges and act as a pressure device by compressing and securing the elastomer connector between the PCB and LCD glass.
一個被套在要保護的LCD上的保護框架 玻璃邊緣和透過壓縮作為一個壓力設備 並且獲得在PCB 和LCD之間的elastomer 連接器 玻璃。
Bit Depth
See Color Depth.
Ideally, the complete absorption of incident light; the absence of any reflection. In the practical sense, any color which is close to this ideal in a relative viewing situation, i.e., a color of very low saturation and of low luminance.
最好,事件的完整的吸收 光; 缺乏任何反射。 在實際意義上, 接近于這在一有關的觀看裡理想的任何顏色 情勢, 即,一種非常低的飽和和低的亮度的顏色。
The dimension of color that is referred to an achromatic scale, ranging from black to white, also called lightness or luminous reflectance. Normally indicated in ANSI lumens (American National Standards Institute measurement of "candle" power)
被提交A的顏色的尺寸 無色的規模,從黑色到白色,也叫的輕的範圍內 或者發光的reflectance。 通常用ANSI 流明注明(美國人 "蠟燭"權力的國家標準協會測量)
A technique where the alignment layer on the LCD substrate is rubbed in one or more directions. This process aligns the liquid crystal molecules parallel to the buffing direction. See alignment layer.
一技術在那裡調整層關於 LCD 底層被或更多擦合而為一方向。 這個過程 調整好與擦亮平行的液晶分子 方向。 看見調整層。
Cable Assembly
A complete connectorized cable that connects the display to the controller (Interface Cable) and the backlight to the inverter (Backlight Cable). These can be customized for any applications.
連結的一封完整的connectorized電報 對控制人員(界面電報)和backlight的展示 對逆變器(Backlight電報)。 這些可能按定做 任何應用。
CAD (Computer Aided Design) data that describes the patterns written on Micronic´s pattern generators.
The data is created using software for the design of electronic circuits. Common data formats created with the CAD software are DXF, Gerber, GDS II.
描述的計算機輔助設計(計算機輔助設計)數據 在Micronic 圖形發生器上寫的圖案。
數據被為電子的設計使用軟體創建 電路。 共同數據形式被用計算機輔助設計軟體創建 是DXF,格伯,GDS II。
Candelas (cd/m2)
坎德拉(cd/m 2)
An international unit of luminous intensity per projected area normal to the line of observation. Luminance may be described in units of Candelas per square meter, or nits.
一個發光的強度的國際單位每 計畫的地區與觀察的線垂直。 亮度 可能被每平方米或者尼特用坎德拉的單位描述。
Capactive Touch Panel
Voltage is applied to four corners of the screen, and a uniform electric field is created. A finger or conductive stylus touching the screen creates a capacitive ground path in the circuit. This creates a voltage drop, which can be measured to determine position.
電壓被用于螢幕的四方形, 並且均勻電場被建立。 一只手指或者導電 接觸螢幕的尖筆建立一條容性地道路 在這條電路內。 這創建電壓降,這可能被測量 確定位置。
Captive mask shop
A mask shop that produces photomasks for internal use.
為內部生產photomasks的一家面罩商店 使用。
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
The traditional picture tube for TV:s and computer monitors.
電視顯像管和PC 監視器。
CCFT (cold cathode fluorescent tubes) / CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent light)
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube. A type of backlight using a fluorescent tube.
冷陰極螢光的管。 某種backlight 使用一根螢光的管。
Critical Dimension Correction. A set of functions that help compensate for effects that cause the dimensions in the exposed pattern to differ from the dimension in the pattern input data. There are several sources for such aberrations including stray light, etch undercut, chemical loading in dry etch, proximity to other pattern structures and writing structures that are small compared with the exposure laser wavelength.
臨界尺寸改正。 一套功能 那幫助補償引起尺寸在裡的影響 被暴露的圖案在這種圖案內不同于尺寸 輸入數據。 有幾個這樣的偏差包括的來源 雜射光,蝕刻裡脊肉,化學製品在乾燥的蝕刻,接近過程中裝 對其他圖案架構和寫架構是來說 與暴露鐳射波長相比較小。
Candelas per meter square, the unit measure of luminance; also called a nit.
坎德拉每米平方,單位度量標準 亮度; 也叫尼特。
Cell Gap
The space containing liquid crystal fluid between the two pieces of glass.
空間包含液晶流體在之間 兩玻璃。
Character Display
Also called alpha numeric. A display used to display letters, numbers and symbols only.
也叫α數值。 展示過去那樣 只展示字母,數目和符號。
Mounting of the LCD driver wafer on the PCB with gold wires used to connect it to other circuits. It is covered with epoxy.
在PCB上LCD 維夫餅乾的安裝用 過去常常把它和其他電路連結起來的金電線。 它被蓋住 由於環氧。
Mounting of the contact edge of the LCD glass to a flex connector that incorporates an LCD driver.
LCD玻璃的接觸邊緣的爬上 對合併一位LCD 的一個花線連接器。
Technology that mounts the LCD driver to the contact edge of the LCD glass.
技術把LCD 安裝在上 與LCD玻璃的邊緣聯繫。
Perceived as having a hue; not white, gray, or black.
覺得有一種顏色; 不白色,灰色,或者 黑色。
That part of color specification, which does not involve illuminance. Chromaticity is two-dimensional and specified by pairs of numbers such as dominant wavelength and purity.
顏色說明的那個部分,做 不與illuminance有關。 色度是二維的和 用象有勢力的波長那樣的對數目說明和 純潔。
Cold Cathode Backlight (CCFT)
In medium to large LCD graphic modules, a type of fluorescent backlighting or edge lighting.
在對大的LCD 圖表模件,一種類型中等裡 螢光的backlighting或者邊緣中,點燃。
Color Calibration
The necessary adjustment of colors that causes the colors on the monitor to match the ones produced by the printer. Without adequate calibration, the printed page may not accurately reproduce what is displayed on the computer screen.
顏色那原因的必要調整 在那些監視器上的那些顏色比得上生產以 印表機。 如果沒有足夠的校準,打印頁可以 不準確再生被顯示在計算機螢幕上的。
Color Depth
Color depth is determined by the number of bits used to produce color in each pixel on a monitor display. The more bits used, the greater the number of colors that can be displayed, provided that a graphics card and monitor have the capability to display them. Common bit ranges are 8-bit color (256 colors), 16-bit color (thousands of colors), and 24-bit color (millions of colors). Most monitors in use today can display at least 16-bit color, and new monitors can usually handle 24-bit color.
一點兒的數量確定顏色深度 過去常常在一臺監視器上在每個象素裡生產顏色顯示。 更多的一點兒使用,更大的可能的顏色的數量 展示,規定,卡片圖形和監視器喝 展示他們的能力。 普通一點兒範圍是8 位的顏色 (256種顏色),16位顏色(數千種顏色),以及24 位 顏色(數百萬種顏色)。 在使用過程中的大多數監視器今天罐裝展示 至少16位顏色,和新監視器通常能處理24 位 顏色。
Color Filter
A pixel in a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) can only change between light and dark. In a color display each pixel consists of 3 sub pixels. Over each sub pixel there is an area of red green or blue. The substrate with the colored areas covering the display is called a color filter. To create a color filter 4-5 photomasks are required.
在一液晶顯示幕(LCD)裡的一個象素罐裝 只在輕和黑之間改變。 在彩色顯示每一個過程中 象素由3個附屬象素組成。 透過每附屬象素那裡是 一塊紅綠色或者藍色。 有有色的底層 包括展示的地區被叫為一個顏色過濾器。 建立 一種顏色過濾4-5 photomasks被要求。
Column Driver
Small electronic circuits that provide voltages to the individual sub-pixel through the source lines. These are generally 8-bit driver circuits that provide 256 unique values per sub-pixel.
提供電壓的小的電子電路 對個人附屬象素透過來源線。 這些 提供256的8 位的司機電路一般是獨特的 每附屬象素估價。
The superimposition of the conductive pattern from one piece of glass to the second piece. The duty ratio is determined by the number of backplanes.
這種導電的圖案的superimposition 從一玻璃到第2 片。 職責比率 被backplanes的數量確定。
Contact Edge
The area of the LCD with conductive leads where electrical connection is made by use of a connector.
地區 LCD與一起導電主角在那裡 電氣裝線因為使用一個連接器被。
The level of variation between light and dark values areas in an image, or the ratio between their maximum and minimum values.
在輕和黑之間的變化的水準 在一幅圖像或者在他們最大之間的比率內估價領域 以及最小價值。
Contrast Ratio
The ratio of intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black of a particular device or a particular environment, or the difference in luminance between the unselected area and the selected area.
在最明亮的之間的強度的比率 白色和一特別設備或者一個細節黑色的深 環境或者在unselected之間的亮度的差別 地區和被選區。
IC usually mounted in the graphics board , that takes the microprocessor output and tells the display which pixels to light up to produce the required image.
通常裝在這塊圖形板,那上的IC 帶微處理器產量並且告訴展示 象素點亮產生被要求的圖像。
Alignment of the vertical and horizontal lines in an image.
垂直和水準線的調整 在一幅圖像內。
Cross-Talk Cursor
Dots used to indicate the location of the next character or symbol to be entered.
過去常常表明下一個的位置的小圓點 性格或者符號被進入。
CRT – Cathode Ray Tube
Display technology whereby a rapidly moving electron gun inside the set passes across the screen, casting a beam that lights selected phosphor dots as it moves. The dots are arranged in groups of three, forming "pixels" which can be lighted as red, blue, or green. By moving across rows of these pixels rapidly from top to bottom, the electron beam creates a continuously changing, lighted screen that the eye resolves into an image.
展示技術憑此一個迅速移動的電子 在設備裡面的槍掠過螢幕,鑄造一根梁 當它移動時,那燈選擇磷光點。 小圓點是 3,成群安排,成立"象素"可能被點燃 作為紅,藍色,或者綠色。 透過穿過排這些象素移動 迅速從上到下,電子梁創造一連續 改變,點燃眼睛分解為一幅圖像的螢幕。
CSTN stands for Color Super Twisted Nematic LCD. It is a version of LCD technology that overcomes the inherent problems that occur when trying to highly multiplex "Twisted Nematic" LCDs. Using a highly twisted LC configuration, the display functions by using a switchable phase retardation which in combination with linear polarizers acts as a light valve.
CSTN代表顏色超級扭曲的Nematic LCD。 克服固有,這是一個LCD 技術的版本 要非常多路傳輸的在努力時,發生的問題"扭曲 Nematic"CDs。 使用一個非常纏繞的LC 構造, 透過使用一次可變換的階段減速顯示功能 與線的polarizers聯合在一起作為一個光閥
Data Input Options (NTSC/Analog RGB/ Digital)
數據輸入選擇(NTSC/Analog RGB /數字化)
Displays intended for multimedia use often require specialized input requirements to accept standard format video signals that need to be translated to the digital RGB signal format required by the LCD panel. Sharp interfaces include Analog (NTSC) RGB, Composite NTSC Video, and Digital RGB formats.
展示經常供多媒體使用打算的需要 專業的投入需要量接受標準形式錄像 需要被翻譯成數字化的RGB信號的信號 液晶顯示控制板要求的形式。 敏銳的界面包括類比 (NTSC)RGB,合成NTSC 錄像和數字化的RGB 形式。
To remove an unwanted magnetic field from an electronic device, e.g. television tube or CRT monitor. Magnetic interference caused by a change in the position of a monitor in relation to the earth's magnetic field or the presence of an artificial magnetic field can cause discoloration. To correct this, all color CRT monitors automatically degauss at power-on and some also have a manual degaussing button. This allows the monitor to compensate for the change in the magnetic field by realigning the electron guns. In some low cost monitors without degauss buttons it is necessary to leave the power turned off for at least 20 minutes in order to get maximum degaussing. LCD displays do not need to be degaussed.
從A除去一個不需要的磁場 電子設備,例如電視管或者CRT 監視器。 有磁性 在一臺監視器的位置的一種變化引起干擾 關於地球磁場或者存在 一個人造磁場能引起脫色。 改正 這,全部顏色CRT 監視器自動在通電消磁 並且一些也有一本手冊消磁鈕扣。 這允許 監視器補償在磁場方面的變化透過 再結盟電子槍。 在一些低成本方面監控沒有 消磁鈕扣留下能力被關上是必要的 為了拿到最大的消磁至少20 分鐘以來。 LCD 展示不需要被消磁。
(Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). The DICOM standard contains a display function standard.
(在醫學方面的數字化的成像和通訊)。 DICOM 標準包含一個展示功能標準。
Flat sheet of white plastic which emits even light over the surface when lighted by a CFL tube on one or two edges.
發出即使的白色塑膠的褥單 越過什麼時候以一CFL 點燃的表面輕管關於一或者 兩邊緣。
Recording and playing back of data as strings of zeros and ones (binary data.) Because this data is coded into strings of numbers, it is not subceptible to signal degradation in the same manner as analog data.
記錄和在作為線的數據后面玩 零和東西(二進製的數據.) 因為這數據被編碼 進字元串,說明墮落不是subceptible 同樣作為類比數據。
Digital Driving Level (DDL)
A digital value which given as input to a display system produces a luminance. The set of DDLs of a display system is all the possible discrete values that can produce luminance values on the display system. The mapping of DDLs to luminance values for a display system produces the characteristic curve of that display system. The actual output for a given DDL is specific to the display system and is not corrected for the grayscale standard display function.
作為展示的輸入給的數字化的價值 系統生產一亮度。 各種一個展示系統的DDLs 是能生產亮度的全部可能的分離的價值 在顯示器系統上估價。 DDLs的繪圖到亮度 一個展示系統的價值產生特性曲線 那個展示系統。 對規定的DDL的實際生產是 僅限于顯示系統並且不校正 灰度等級標準展示功能。
DIL (Dual-In-Line)
Two parallel rows of connection holes on a PCB. Also, the type of connector used with this array.
在PCB上的兩排平行的連接洞。 此外,這類型連接器用這使用陣列。
Metal pins bonded with epoxy to each conductive lead on the contact edge.
金屬別針被與對每導電環氧聯結 在接觸邊緣上領導。
Direct/Static Drive
直接/ 靜止的運動
Method in which each conductive lead on the contact edge connects to one segment or annunciator.
每一個在接觸上導電領頭的方法 邊緣連接一部分或者預報信號。
Method of simulating or implying color by placing pixels of approximate or similar colors close together in order to save space or reasonably achieve colors that are otherwise not available.
透過安置類比或者暗示顏色的方法 相近的大約或者相似顏色的象素妥善 保留空間或者合理取得不那樣的顏色 不可提供。
Double Metal or Diode Matrix LCD. This is an active matrix technology that has lower production costs since the diode structure is less complicated than the transistor structure of TFTs. Though they are as fast as a transistor, DMTNs lack the ability for grayscale and are generally offered only on monochrome displays. They do offer better contrast, response time and lower power than STN LCDs.
使金屬或者二極體基體LCD加倍。 這是A 后來有更低的生產成本的活躍的基體技術 二極體架構不如晶體管錯綜複雜 TFTs的架構。 雖然他們象一只晶體管一樣快, DMTNs 為灰度等級缺乏能力並且一般被提供 只在單色的顯示器上。 他們確實提供更好的對比, 附應時間和比STN LCDs更低的能力。
Dot Matrix
A group of dots/pixels forming a character or symbol; usually five dots across and seven dots down.
一組小圓點/ 象素形成一種性格或者 符號; 通常5 個小圓點寬和7 個小圓點開闊的高地。
Dot Pitch
In monitors, the dot pitch is the distance (measured in millimeters) between the holes in the shadow mask; the smaller the number, the sharper the image. If you have the option, a .28mm dot pitch is preferable, although .31mm is acceptable to many people. A dot pitch larger than this will probably lead to fuzzy text. The size of each pixel that illuminates on a display.
在監視器裡,點距是距離(測量 在彩色顯象管陰罩過程中,在洞之間,用毫米); 更小的 數目,騙子這幅圖像。 如果你有選擇,A . 雖然,但是28毫米點距是更好的。 31毫米可接受 對很多人。 比這大的點距或許將領導 對模糊的正文。 在A上亮的每個象素的大小 展示。
小圓點/ 象素
An active element that forms a character or symbol when combined in a matrix.
形成一種性格或者符號的有效元件 被在基體裡結合。
A technique used to improve the viewing angle where multiple alignment directions are produced on the same sub–pixel.
過去常常改進觀看的角的一種技術 這裡多調整方向被在相同上產生 subixel。
This is the output terminal of a thin film transistor (TFT).
這是末端一只薄膜晶體三極管的生產 (TFT)。
Voltage IC mounted on the display which provides the voltage to each row and column by switching them on or off. ( Do not confuse with the controller IC ).
電壓IC在哪個提供的顯示器上爬上 電壓到每排和透過開或關改變他們的柱子。 (不要與控制人員IC把弄糊塗)。
Abbreviation of Dual-scan STN, an enhanced STN passive matrix LCD display. The screen is divided into halves, and each half is scanned simultaneously, thereby doubling the number of lines refreshed per second and providing a sharper appearance.
雙掃描的STN,一提升的STN的縮寫 被動的基體LCD 展示。 螢幕被分成兩半, 並且一半每一個被同時掃描,因此使加倍 線的數量每秒和提供一個騙子恢復精神 外表。
Duty Ratio
1/N when N is equal to the number of segments selected by one complete cycle.
當N等于部分的數量時,1 /N 到一個完整週期選擇。
DUV (Deep Ultra Violet) Light with very short wavelength used in semiconductor microlithography. The most common wavelengths are 248 nm and 193 nm due to good avail-ability of lasers. A shorter wavelength gives better resolution.
DUV(深紫外)用非常短輕 在半導體microlithography裡使用的波長。 最 由於好用處能力,普通波長是248納米和193納米 鐳射。 更短的波長給更好的決定。
DVI – Digital Video Interface
An emerging standard for digital display connections to personal computers.
數字化的展示連接的一個新興的標準 到個人PC。
Edge Lighting
A backlight in which the tube is at one or both sides of the display and uses a scattering sheet to get even lighting across the display; allows for thinner displays.
這根管是在一或者兩個的backlight 展示的邊和使用一條散佈的褥單甚至到達 穿過展示點燃; 考慮到更薄的展示。
Effective Area
Same as "active area".
EL Backlight
A type of backlight using electroluminescent material. The thinnest available backlight. (Also can be a type of display : see EL display).
某種backlight使用electroluminescent 材料。 最薄的可得到的backlight。 (此外可能是一種類型 展示︰ 看見El 展示)。
EL Display
A type of display using electroluminescent material. .Produces a orange glowing image.
某種展示使用electroluminescent 材料。 . 生產一個橙(發圖像光)。
Elastomer Connector
A silicone rubber strip made up of sequentially spaced conductive and non-conductive material. The most common method of connection for LCD modules.
一條矽橡膠帶連續由組成 隔開導電和非導電的材料。 最普通的 為LCD 模件的連接的方法。
Electronic packaging
The manufacturing step theat packages a semiconductor chip so it is protected and can be connected to other electronic components in electronic equipment.
被保護並且可能連接的片其他電子 在電子設備裡的零部件。
A phenomenon which occurs when excess DC voltage is applied to an LCD. Conductive particles from one piece of glass are transferred through the LC fluid and deposited on the conductive surface of the opposite piece of glass. A conductive spike is created thus causing a dead short.
一現象哪個發生什麼時候過度直流電壓 被用于LCD。 來自一的導電的粒子 玻璃被透過流動並且被在LC上沈積轉移 這相反的玻璃的導電的表面。 一導電 用大釘釘牢如此創造引起死者。
A metal or molded plastic case that protects the display for stand alone operation.
一種金屬或者塑造那保護的塑膠箱 單獨立場的展示操作。
Linear or circular scales that are used to determine position or rotation.
用來確定的線或者圓的規模 位置或者旋轉。
Fill Hole
Space left between epoxy seals on one end of LCD glass after assembly; used to fill the glass with the liquid crystal fluid.
空間在一個末端上在環氧的封條之間離開 在裝配之后的LCD玻璃; 過去常常用液體充滿這個玻璃杯 水晶流動。
Flat Panel Display
A Flat Panel Display is any type of display that is comprised of two sheets of glass in close proximity to one another, where addressing is by rows and columns. Also referred to as a Flat Panel Monitor.
一臺平板顯示器是任何類型展示那 極接近于一包括兩片玻璃 另一個,在那裡處理是透過排和柱子。 此外呈交 對作為一臺公寓板監視器。
Flat Panel Mornitor
Flat Panel Monitor is any type of display that is comprised of two sheets of glass in close proximity to one another, where addressing is by rows and columns. Also referred to as a Flat Panel Display.
監視器是任何類型展示那 極接近于一包括兩片玻璃 另一個,在那裡處理是透過排和柱子。 此外呈交 對作為一臺平板顯示器。
Flicker Fusion Rate
This is the rate above which the human eye can no longer recognize discontinuous changes in brightness as a flicker. Provided the frame frequency is above this rate, the eye integrates the signal into a consistent image. The flicker fusion rate is 31.25 Hz. The appearance of flicker can occur if the frame frequency is close to the frequency of fluorescent lights. That value can vary slightly between different individuals.
這是人眼睛能的比率 不再承認在亮度方面的不連續的變化為A 搖曳。 框架頻率是在這個比率上方, 眼睛把信號併入一幅一致的圖像。 閃爍 熔化比率是31.25赫茲。 閃爍的出現能發生 如果框架頻率接近于螢光的頻率 燈。 那價值能在不同的個人之間稍微地變化。
Fluorescent Lamp
A glass tube filled with mercury gas and coated on its inner surface with phosphors. When the gas is charged with an electrical current, radiation is produced which in turn energizes the phosphors, causing the phosphors to glow.
一根充滿水銀氣體的玻璃管和涂上 在有黃磷的它的內部表面上。 當氣體被收費時 由於電流,輻射被生產,反過來哪個 對黃磷提供能量,引起黃磷發光。
Active pattern containing information to be displayed in the LCD glass.
活躍的圖案包含訊息被展示 在LCD玻璃裡。
Foot Lamberts (fL)
A unit of luminance. One foot Lambert is equal to 10.76/? (approximately 3.426) Candelas per square meter.
一單位亮度。 一英尺藍伯特相等 對10.76 /? (大約3.426)坎德拉每平方米。
Format is the term defining the pixel matrix on a display; i.e. 640 x 480, 1024 x 768, etc. Though the term "resolution" is often confused with "format", resolution involves a more complex measurement dealing with format, as well as pixels per inch.
形式是確定象素基體的時期 在一臺顯示器上; 即640 x 480,1024 x 768,等等 雖然時期 "決定"經常同"形式"混淆起來,決定包含 更複雜的尺寸處理形式,和象素 每英寸。
Form Factor
The ratio of viewable display area divided by overall module area.
能看見的顯示區域的比率除以 總的模件地區。
FRM (Frame Rate Modulation)
Method a controller can use to achieve a gray scale by rapidly switching subpixels on and off.
一位控制人員取得一種灰色能使用的方法 透過斷斷續續迅速接通subpixels的規模。
FSTN Ghosting
Phenomenon occurring when voltage from an energized element leaks to an adjacent OFF element and turns the adjacent element partially ON.
現象發生什麼時候電壓從一對提供能量 要素對一種臨近的空閒要素漏並且轉動臨近 部分的要素在上。
Fully Integrated (All-in-One) Display
Most liquid crystal displays require a variety of support chips (e.g. timing chips, grayscale chips, etc.) to operate. Fully integrated "all-in-one" LCD's are complete monitor systems that accept standard video signals (like VGA, NTSC, DVI-D, etc.) without the need for additional electronics. These panels also include the backlight inverter, so the only power input required is the supply voltage (ex. +12V DC).
大多數液晶顯示幕需要種類 支援晶片(例如調節片,灰度等級片,等等) 操作。 完全結合的"一致"CD是完成的 接受標準視頻信號的監控系統(象VGA一樣, NTSC,DVI-D,等等)沒有對另外的電子的需要。 這些板也包括backlight 逆變器,如此唯一 要求的電源輸入是電源電壓(兌換+12V哥倫比亞特區)。
Screen luminance as a function of video voltage approximately follows a mathematical power function of the input video signal, the exponent of which is called gamma.
與錄像電壓有關的螢幕亮度 大約跟隨一個輸入的數學能力函數 視頻信號,其解釋者被叫為γ。
This is the control terminal of a TFT.
Gate Electrode
The "row" electrode in an active matrix LCD that controls whether a voltage is applied to a sub-pixel.
"排"電極在積極的基體LCD內那 控制是否電壓被用于一個附屬象素。
Regarding passive LCD displays, this is a visual anomaly that causes streaking or shadowing across the display. This phenomenon occurs when voltage from an energized element leaks to an adjacent OFF element and turns the adjacent element partially ON.
看顯示被動LCD,這一視覺 引起飛奔或者遮蔽過展示的異常。 這現象發生什麼時候電壓從一提供能量元素 對一種臨近的空閒要素漏並且轉動臨近的要素 部分在上。
Graphic Display
A display made up of an array of pixel elements. Can be used to display graphics, pictures as well as text.
由一系列象素要素組成的展示。 能用來展示圖形,圖和正文。
Graphics controller
A generic term used to describe the video hardware in a computer. Although graphics hardware was traditionally integrated into the motherboard hardware, today this hardware is most frequently available as a separate PCI or AGP card. The graphics controller is responsible for generating the video signal that is sent to the monitor. Graphics controllers today are often built with their own processors and RAM on the card.
一個一般的時期過去常常描述錄像硬體 在一臺計算機裡。 雖然圖形硬體道統上 統一到主板硬體,今天這硬體中 象單獨的PCI或者AGP 卡片一樣非常經??商峁?。 圖形控制人員負責產生錄像 被寄給到監視器的信號。 今天的圖形控制人員 經常被在這張卡片上用他們自己的處理器和RAM 建造。
An achromatic scale ranging from black through a series of successively lighter grays to white.
一個無色的規模從黑色全面範圍 一系列連續輕灰色對白色。
Grey Scale /Heat Seal
A flexible adhesive connector bonded by heat to the contact edge of the glass.
一個易彎曲的黏著的連接器被熱聯結 到玻璃的接觸邊緣。
The main attribute of a color that distinguishes it from other colors. For example, a color may have a green, yellow, or purple hue. Colors defined as having hue are known as chromatic colors. White, black, and grays possess no hue.
區分的一種顏色的主要屬性 它從那裡另一個顏色。 例如,一種顏色可能有一片草坪, 黃,或者紫色的顏色。 定義為有的顏色的顏色被知道 作為色彩的顏色。 白色,黑色,和灰色沒有擁有顏色。
Integrated Circuit (IC) is a term referring to all electronic compo-nents containing more than one circuit element on the same electronic chip, e.g. memories, processors and amplifiers.
積體電路(IC)是一稱指 全部電子compo-nents 包含不止一條電路 在相同的電子片上的要素,例如存儲器,處理器 以及放大器。
The process of mounting a display in an enclosure along with any controllers or inverters that are necessary. The result is a complete stand alone unit.
把展示安裝在一個圈占地上的過程 與必要的任何控制單元或者逆變器一起。 結果是只有一個完整的支架單位。
Interconnect Dot
Consisting of silver impregnated epoxy, it connects the pattern piece of glass to each backplane.
由銀組成使環氧樹脂受孕,它連結 玻璃的圖案片到每backplane。
An interferometer uses the wavelength in laser light as an extremely high precision ruler.
一臺干涉計在鐳射裡使用波長 象一個極其高的精密統治者一樣輕。
The hardware device that converts a low voltage DC input to a high voltage AC output to power an EL or fluorescent backlight.
轉變低電壓的硬體設備 為El提供動力的對高電壓交流生產的哥倫比亞特區輸入或者螢光 backlight。
Inverter DC To AC
Used to power EL and CCFL backlights by converting DC to AC voltage at a high frequency of 300 Hz to 1 KHz.
常常權力El 和CCFL backlights 以轉變 DC 到在300赫茲到1 KHz的高的頻率的交流電壓。
IPS (In Plane Switching)
A technique of improving the viewing angle of an LCD where the liquid crystal molecules are switched in the plane of the LCD layer rather than vertical to it.
一種改進觀看的角的技術 一LCD在那裡液晶分子切換到 LCD層而不是對它垂直的的飛機。
IR Touch Panel
Infrared light emitting diodes and detectors are positioned along the screen edge to create a grid of light. A finger or stylus interrupts the light beams and position is determined on the grid.
紅外的發光二極體和檢測器 被沿著螢幕邊緣確定位置建立一根光的閘極欄。 一只手指或者尖筆打斷輕的梁,位置是 決定閘極欄。
Isotropic Stage
Point where fluid heats or cools to where it is no longer in the twisted nematic state. Since the molecules can no longer twist light, all incoming light is absorbed.
點在那裡流體熱或者冷卻給在那裡它 不再在扭曲的nematic 國家裡。 從分子起 輕,全部的進來的光的擰不再能吸收該多好。
JND (Just Noticeable Difference)
The luminance difference of a given target under given viewing conditions that the average human observer can just perceive.
一個規定的目標的亮度差別在下面 假使有觀看條件平均人觀察者能 請察覺。
A page or screen orientation that is wider than it is tall.
更寬的一頁或者螢幕定向比 它是高的。
The time delay that occurs when a computer is converting a signal into a form it can read (for example, from analog to digital.) A long latency period can result in such behavior as pausing or hanging video.
當一臺計算機是時,出現的時間延遲 把一個信號轉變成形式罐頭它讀(例如,從 類比到數字化.) 一個長的潛伏時期能導致這些 象暫?;蛘邞覓熹浵竦哪菢擁男袨?。
LCD (liquid crystal display)
LCD displays utilize two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them. An electric current passed through the liquid causes the crystals to align so light cannot pass through them. Each crystal is like a shutter either allowing light to pass through or blocking the light, resulting in the display image. Typically, a light is passed through the LCD to illuminate the pixels.
LCD 展示利用兩片使極化 有在他們之間的液晶溶液的材料。 一輛電動汽車 當今透過液體引起水晶調整好 因此光不能透過他們。 每顆水晶看起來象一個百葉窗 或者允許光透過或者堵塞燈, 導致顯示圖象。 通常,一盞燈被傳 透過LCD照亮象素。
LCD Module
LCD 模組
Terminology typically used to describe an assembly of LCD glass, PCB, drivers, bezel , backlight, etc.
通常過去常常描述一次會議的專有名詞 LCD玻璃,PCB,趨動程式,窗口,backlight,等等
LCD Monitor
LCD 監視器
A lightweight, portable and compact alternative to the CRT monitor. Available with touch screen option.
一個輕便,便于攜帶和小型的選擇 對CRT 監視器。 用觸屏選擇可提供。
LCD Screen
LCD 螢幕
LCD Screen is another name for an LCD display.
LCD 螢幕是LCD 展示的另一個名字。
An LCD TV is an LCD monitor designed to display TV images. LCD TVs are configured to accept input from a tuner or alternative video sources, such as a DVD player or VCR.
用于顯示,一臺LCD 電視是一臺LCD 監視器 電視圖像。 LCD 電視成形從一個調諧設備接受輸入 或者其它的錄像源,例如一臺DVD放像機或者VCR。
LCD Video Mornitor
An LCD Video Monitor is an LCD monitor designed to display TV images.
一臺LCD 錄像監視器是設計的一臺LCD 監視器 展示電視圖像。
Conductive traces on the contact edge of the glass.
導電蹤跡在上與聯繫邊緣 玻璃。
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Traditionally LEDs are created from two semiconductors. By running current in one direction across the semiconductor the LED emits light of a particular frequency (hence a particular color) depending on the physical characteristics of the semiconductor used. The semiconductor is covered with a piece of plastic that focuses the light and increases the brightness. These semiconductors are very durable, there is no filament, they don’t require much power, they’re brighter and they last a long time. By densely packing red, blue and green LEDs next to each other on a substrate one can create a display. A semiconductor diode that emits monochromatic (single color) light when forward biased. The emitted light can be red, yellow, orange, green, blue, or nonvisible infrared.
傳統上LEDs被從兩半導體建立。 透過穿過半導體朝一個方向流行 牽發出輕的特別的頻率(因此一個細節 顏色)取決于半導體的生理特徵 使用。 半導體為一那所覆蓋 調節燈焦距並且增加亮度。 這些半導體 非常耐用,沒有細絲,他們指導老師要求得很多 權力,明亮的theye 他們持續長的時間。 透過濃密 在一個底層上包裝緊挨著彼此的紅,藍色和綠色LEDs 一個人能建立展示。 那發出的一個半導體二極體單色 (單個的顏色)當前鋒有偏見時,光。 被發出的光 可能是紅,黃的,橙,綠色,藍色,或者nonvisible 紅外。
LED Backlight
A backlight option for small to medium size LCDs that uses an LED light source. The light from the LED is either diffused from direct illumination or directed through a light pipe from side illumination.
對中型LCDs 小的一種backlight 選擇 那使用引起的光源。 來自引起的燈是兩者中任何一個 由於直接的照明擴散或者透過一盞燈指導 來自邊照明的管。
LED Frontlight
Allows a reflective display to be used at night by lighting the edges of a front-mounted, transparent diffuser.
允許反射的展示在夜裡被使用 透過點燃一個正面安裝,透明的擴散器的邊緣。
Liquid Crystal Fluid
Having properties of both a solid and a liquid, Liquid crystal consists of rod-shaped bipolar molecules which are capable of twisting polarized light when in the "off" state. It reacts predictably when electrically stimulated, making it the ideal compound to turn LCD pixels "on" or "off".
有固體和一種液體的特性, 液晶由桿形成的雙極的分子組成 當在關態裡時,能纏繞偏振光。 當被用電力刺激時,做它,這可以預見回應 或者"離開"的轉動LCD 象素ON的這種理想的化合物。
Measurement of how bright a light source is (the higher the number, the brighter the source - a wax candle generates 13 lumens, a 100-watt bulb 1,200).
測量怎樣明亮一光源( 更高的數目,來源越明亮 - 一支蠟蠟燭產生 13流明,100 瓦特的燈泡1,200)。
A measure of the brightness or luminous intensity of light, usually expressed in units of Candelas per square meter (cd/m2) or foot Lamberts. 1 fL = 3.426 cd/m2.
有點亮度或者發光的強度 在光中,通常在坎德拉每平方的單位表示 米(cd/m 2)或者腳藍伯特。 的1 = 3.426 cd/m 2。
A measurement of light. 1 lux equals the illumination produce by 1 lumen falling on a surface measuring 1 square meter.
光的尺寸。 1 lux 等于照明 按1流明(落在測量1平方米的一個表面上)生產。
LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling)
A de facto-standard for digital interfacing of a Flat Panel Display that permits the panel to be positioned up to 25 feet from the host system.
數位化的界面技術的一個實際上標準 允許板被確定位置的一臺平板顯示器 高達離這個主系統25英尺。
Merchant mask shop
A mask shop that sells the photomasks to external customers.
把photomasks出售到外部的一家面罩商店 用戶。
Metal Halide
Superior lamp technology offering high brightness and longevity at extra cost. See also Quartz Halogen.
優良的燈技術提供高的亮度 以及以額外的費用的長壽。 也看見石英鹵。
LCD glass connected to a PCB with drivers on board. It may also have controllers, temperature compensation circuits, or other features.
使PCB與司機連接在上的LCD玻璃 板。 它可能也有控制人員,溫度補償 電路或者其他特徵。
Using multiple backplanes in order to reduce the number of connections between the LCD and the drivers.
為了降低,使用多backplanes 在LCD和那些IC之間的連接的數量。
A key quality requirement for display photomasks is the absence of mura. Mura is caused by systematic deviations in the photomask and can be visible as stripes. Mura compromises the image quality of the finished display. Usually the deviations causing the mura are very small, below a few hundred nanometers. Deviations of that size spread over a large area can be difficult to detect by measuring. Still the human eye can see them due to its high sensitivity to systematic changes in gray scale. Micronic´s extensive experience of eliminating mura in photomasks is one of the key success factors behind the display pattern generators.
展示photomasks的關鍵質量要求 是缺乏mura。 有系統的偏差引起Mura 在photomask和罐頭裡象條紋一樣可見。 Mura 妥協 被完成的展示的圖象質量。 通常偏差 引起mura非常小,在幾百納米下面。 尺寸傳遍一個大的地區的那的偏差可能是難的 透過測量發現。 仍然人眼睛能看見他們到期 對在灰度方面的有系統的變化的它的高靈敏性。 在photomasks裡消除mura的Micronic 徹底的經歷 是在這種展示圖案后面的關鍵成功原素之一 發電機。
Native Resolution
Unlike traditional CRTs that can display multiple resolutions, LCD displays are manufactured to best display a single resolution, known as the native resolution. While it may be possible to change the resolution of an LCD (depending on the video card and software used with the LCD), setting the resolution to something other than the native resolution will result in a stretched image, a blurry image, or no image on the screen at all.
與能展示倍數的道統的CRTs不同 解決,LCD 展示給最好的顯示器A 生產 單個的被稱為本地決定的決定。 當它時 可能可能兌換決議那兒是LCD的的(依* 在那些錄像上卡片和加那些LCD的使用的軟體),確定 某些事情的決定除了天生解決意愿 導致一幅伸展的圖像,一幅模糊圖像或者沒有圖像在上 確實的螢幕。
Describes a liquid crystal material whose elongated molecules are in layers, where they are parallel to each other and parallel to the layer.
描述一液晶材料誰的拉長 分子在層裡,在那裡他們與彼此平行 並且和層相似。
Describes a liquid crystal material whose elongated molecules in layers and oriented perpendicular to the layer.
描述一液晶材料誰的拉長 在對層的壓條和面向的垂直線過程中的分子。
Describes a liquid crystal material whose elongated molecules rest parallel to each other but are not in layers.
描述一液晶材料誰的拉長 分子休息和彼此相似但是不在層內。
Measure of brightness properly called candela per meter square (cd/m2); equal to 1 cd/m2 or 0.292 ftL.
亮度的措施正確地叫candela 每儀表廣場(cd/m 2); 等于1 cd/m 2或者0.292 ftL。
Normally Black
A twisted nematic LCD design where the backlight is blocked when pixels are in the unselected state. Therefore, when no voltage is applied, the screen is black.
一扭曲nematic LCD 設計在那裡backlight 當象素在unselected 狀態裡時,被堵塞。 因此, 當沒有電壓被使用時,螢幕是黑色的。
Normally White
A twisted nematic LCD design where light is transmitted when pixels are in the unselected state. Therefore, when no voltage is applied, the screen is white.
光被傳送的一種扭曲的nematic LCD 設計 當象素在unselected 狀態裡時。 因此,並不 電壓被使用,螢幕是白色的。
The 525-line American colour TV format as specified by the National Television Systems Committee.
指定的那樣的525行的美國彩色電視形式 透過國家電視體制委員會。
The Phase Alternate by Line colour TV format used in the UK and in most of Europe, where each frame has 625 lines comprised of two interlaced fields.
逐行逐行倒相制製彩色電視形式 在英國使用,在大多數歐洲,在那裡每個框架有625 線包括兩個交錯的領域。
A technique by which each row and column of the display are multiplexed or addressed in turn ( also called duty type ).
一技術以哪個各自排和柱子 展示被多路傳輸或者依次處理(也叫職責 keyboard)。
Passive Matrix
LCD design which does not have a transistor in each subpixel. Subpixels are switched entirely by row and column driver ICs.
沒有一只晶體管在裡的LCD 設計 每subpixel。 Subpixels因為劃船和柱子被完全接通 司機ICs。
The time it takes for the visible glow of a CRT's phosphor to darken after the scanning electron beam is removed. A long persistence means less flicker, but may create smearing when images are in motion.
為CRT的可見的光輝花費的時間 在掃描電子梁被除去之后,要弄黑的黃磷。 長余輝示波器表示較少閃爍,但是可以建立搽 當圖像在運動中時。
The coating on the inside of CRTs. Phosphor glows when struck with electrons. Images appear on a CRT by controlled scanning of an electron beam.
在CRTs的裡面上的這層薄層。 黃磷發光 被用電子罷工。 圖像出現下上一CRT 以控制 一根電子梁的掃描。
Can be described as a photo negative. The image on the negative is written with Micronic´s pattern generator. In the production of the end product, e.g. IC or FPD, the image on the photomask is transferred to the substrate via a photographic process. There are two types of microlithographic photomasks: standard photo emulsion on glass and chrome on glass. The photosensitive material on the chrome photomask is a layer of photoresist covering the chrome layer. Photoresist is a light sensitive material with properties such that it can be washed away after exposure.
可能被描述成一張照相底片。 這幅圖像 關於否定詞被用Micronic 圖形發生器寫。 在最後產物的生產過程中,例如IC或者FPD,這幅圖像 在上photomask轉移給底層透過一攝影 過程。 有兩類microlithographic photomasks︰ 在在玻璃上的玻璃和鉻上的標準照片乳膠。 感光 材料在鉻photomask上包括的一層photoresist 鉻層。 Photoresist是一盞燈敏感的材料 由於特性和它在暴露之后可能被沖掉。
Center dimension of adjacent conductive traces, dots, or connector holes.
臨近的導電的蹤跡的中心尺寸, 小圓點或者連接器洞。
Pixels are tiny picture elements comprised of three subpixels (one red, one green, and one blue.) Although a single pixel displays one color, collectively those pixels create a complete image recognizable by the human eye. A single LCD consists of thousands, even millions of pixels.
象素是包括極小的圖象元素 3 subpixels(一片紅,一片草坪和一藍色.) 雖然 一個單個的象素展示一種顏色,統一地那些象素 建立一幅由人眼睛可認識的完整的圖像。 一間單人房 LCD由數千組成,即使數百萬個象素。
Pixel Anomaly
A pixel anomaly is a pixel that displays only one color (white, black, red, green, or blue.) These are commonly referred to as "stuck" or "void" pixels. If a pixel on an LCD appears to be stuck on one color, it will sometimes come back to life by gently massaging the pixel and the area surrounding it in a circular pattern. A small number of pixel anomalies are considered normal, or at least inevitable, on LCDs. The number of pixel anomalies it takes for a display to be considered defective varies by hardware manufacturer.
象素異常是那只展示的一個象素 一種顏色(白色,黑色,紅,綠色,或者藍色.) 這些通常 稱為"黏住"或者"無效"的象素。 如果在LCD上的一個象素 看起來撞到一種顏色上,它將有時回來 對生命透過溫柔地按摩象素和地區圍繞 在一個函件內的它圖案。 少量象素異常 被認為正常,或者至少不可避免,在LCDs上。 它展示被考慮帶的象素異常的數量 身心有缺陷的人隨硬體製造商而變化。
Plasma Display Panels (PDP)
PDPs use helium, neon and xenon gases, which are placed between two glass substrates. The gases are then activated with accelerated electrons, causing them to produce ultraviolet rays which simulate red, green and blue fluorescent materials at each pixel. PDP technology requires higher power and can be used in applications that do not have such stringent weight requirements while offering the obvious advantages of being thin and flat. Additionally, PDPs provide a better viewing angle.
PDPs使用氦,氖和氙氣體, 被安置在兩個玻璃底層之間。 氣體那時是 用被加速的電子開動,引起他們生產 類比紅,綠色和藍色的紫外線螢光 在每個象素的材料。 PDP 技術需要高功率 並且可能被使用在沒的應用喝這樣嚴格 在提供明顯的優勢時重量要求 薄和平。 另外,PDPs提供一更好的觀看 角度。
(Passive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) An LCD technology where the pixels have no internal drive transistors (cf. TFT-LCD). This is used for applications where the quality requirements are lower or the size is small. Typical applications include mobile phones and handheld electronic games. The photomasks required for PM-LCD have lower requirements than for TFT-LCD since there are no small transistors in the pattern.
(被動的基體液晶顯示幕)LCD 象素沒有內部的運動晶體管的技術 (cf。 TFT-LCD)。 這用于應用在那裡質量 要求更低或者尺寸是小的。 典型的應用 包括移動電話和手提式的電子比賽。 photomasks 與為TFT-LCD相比較,要求的下午LCD有更低的要求 自從在這種圖案內沒有小的晶體管。
A light filter which only allows light waves of a certain rotation through. Polarized material with perpendicular filtering is used in LCDs to enclose the liquid crystal. The liquid crystal is then used as the medium which twists the light waves 90° in order to allow the light to pass through or not.
只允許光波的一個輕的過濾器 自始至終某種旋轉。 用垂直使材料極化 過濾被在LCDs裡使用圍住液晶。 液晶然後被作為扭壞燈的這種媒介使用 為了允許燈透過與否波90 &-#176;。
Newer LCD panel material that offers better performance and colour contrast than TFT. Usually requires three panels per projection device (Red, Green & Blue) and consequently tends to be more expensive. See also Amorphous TFT.
提供更好的性能的更新液晶顯示控制板材料 以及顏色比TFT 對比。 通常需要3 個小組 每投射設備(紅,格林和藍色),從而照管 更昂貴。 也看見難以名狀TFT。
A page or screen orientation that is taller than it is wide.
更高的一頁或者螢幕定向比 它是寬的。
Means a format of 320 pixels across by 240 rows high. Derived from Quarter VGA.
透過表示320個象素的形式240 排 高。 從VGA地方得到。
RCF Film Reflective
RCF 鏡面反射
A smooth silver piece of aluminum foil, bonded to the rear polarizer, that reflects incoming ambient light. Backlighting cannot be used with a reflective LCD.
一鋁箔的光滑的銀片,聯結 對后polarizer來說,反映出進來的環境光線。 Backlighting不能被用于反射的LCD。
LCD modules selectively reflect subpixels of ambient light through the liquid crystal cells, back to the viewer. They do not have backlights, which greatly reduces their power requirement. Good in bright lighting or outdoors.
LCD 模組有選擇反映出subpixels 環境光線透過液晶細胞,回來對 觀眾。 他們沒有backlights,這大大降低他們的 電耗。 在明亮的照明過程中或者在戶外好
Refresh Rate
Applicable to CRTs but not LCDs, refresh rate equals the number of times per second that the electron gun redraws the image on the screen. For example, if a CRT's refresh rate is set to 60 Hz, the screen image will be redrawn 60 times a second. Low refresh rates will cause the image to flicker, resulting in eye strain or other problems. For this reason, refresh rates on CRTs should be set as high as possible.
CRTs 適用但不是LCDs,刷新率 等于次數每秒那電子槍 在螢幕上重畫這幅圖像。 例如,如果CRT 恢復精神 比率被調整到60赫茲,螢幕圖象60次將是redrawn 一秒。 低的刷新率將引起這幅圖像搖曳, 導致眼睛勞累或者其他問題。 因此, 在CRTs上的刷新率應該被確定儘可能高。
The number of pixels in a given active area arranged horizontally by vertically that make up an image. More pixels means higher and better the image quality. LCD devices have a single fixed "true" resolution but may accommodate other resolutions using in-built compression or expansion technology.
在規定的有效面積的象素的數量安排 水準以垂直,那補足一幅圖像。 更多的象素 表示更高和更好圖象質量。 LCD 設備 一間單人房固定的"真實"的決定但是可以適應其他決定 使用內部構造的壓縮或者擴大技術。
Resist, Photoresist
The light sensitive material used in the manufacture of photomasks.Resist is also used in the next step in the production where the pattern on the photomasks is projected on a substrate*. So called i-line resist is a common type used for 365 nm exposure wavelength.
敏感的材料在製造過程中使用的燈 photomasks.Resist中,也被在產量方面在下一步裡使用 這裡在photomasks上的這種圖案被投到一個* 底層上。 所謂i產品禁不住要是用于365納米暴露的一種普通類型 波長。
Retardation Film
The retardation film compensates the birefringence effect on the display. "Normal" STN appears yellow/green and blue. When compensated with a retardation film, the display is compensated to appear black and white.
減速電影補償birefringence 對顯示器的影響。 STN 似乎黃/綠色的"正常"和 藍色。 被用一部減速電影,展示補償 被補償似乎黑色而白色。
RFC / Reflective Color LCD module
RFC / 反射的顏色LCD 模件
Reflective Color LCD module.
反射的顏色LCD 模件。
Abbreviation for Red, Green, Blue which are the component colors of white light.
縮寫為紅色,格林,的藍色 白光的組成部分顏色。
Saturation is the degree to which the hue of the color is undiluted by its complimentary color to form white.
飽和學位在哪個顏色 顏色因為白色要形成的它的稱揚的顏色是沒有沖淡的。
Saturation Voltage
RMS voltage required to turn fluid to 90% on.
RMS 電壓要求把流體轉向90%在上。
SAW / Surface Acoustic Wave
看見/ 裝以面聲音的波
A touch screen that functions using sound waves giving you X Y & Z axes.
起作用的一個觸屏使用聲波 給你X Y和z軸。
The 625 line (Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire) colour TV format used in France.
625行(順序Couleur Avec備忘錄) 在法國使用的彩色電視形式。
An active element of a digit, usually 7 segments for numeric and 14 segments for alpha/numeric digits.
一位數字,通常7部分的有效元件 為數值和14部分最初/ 數值的數字。
Shadow mask
Central component in all color television screens and computer monitors. The shadow mask is a thin metal plate covered with very small holes that define the pixels in a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). It is mounted inside the screen close to the front glass. Without the shadow mask it is not possible to project a color image on the screen.
在全部彩色電視螢幕裡的中心的零部件 以及計算機監視器。 彩色顯象管陰罩是薄的金屬板 為在陰極裡確定象素的非常小的洞所覆蓋 射線管(CRT)。 發起在裡面篩選接近于 前面玻璃。 如果沒有彩色顯象管陰罩,它對工程不可能 在螢幕上的一幅顏色圖像。
SIL (Single-In-Line)
An LCD module that has a single row of connection holes, and an LCD glass with a signle contact edge.
有一排單個的連接的一個LCD 模件 洞和一個LCD與signle 接觸邊緣的玻璃杯。
The SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) technology uses an array of individually controlled micro mirrors on a silicon chip. A small part of the pattern to be exposed is programmed into the chip and transferred to the photomask with a flash from a laser. The technology is reflective and can be used with short wavelengths that are absorbed by transmissive optics. Another advantage is that the SLM exposes a large part of the pattern in one flash, a million pixels, which increases the throughput.
SLM(空間輕的調製器)技術 在A上使用一系列分別控制的微鏡子 矽晶片。 被暴露的這種圖案的小的部分被編程式 進片並且轉移給 photomask與一起一閃光 根據一束鐳射。 技術是反射的並且能被用于 被transmissive 光學吸收的短的波長。 另一個優勢那些SLM暴露的那大部分 在一閃光內仿照,100萬個象素,哪增加 流量。
This is the input terminal of a TFT. This is used interchangeably with column electrode of a TFT array.
這是TFT的進線端子。 這是 用柱子可互換使用一個TFT 陣列的電極。
Static Drive
Same as "direct drive".
Abreviation for passive matrix. It is derived from Super Twisted Nematic which describes the liquid crystal molecular arrangement.
被動的基體的Abreviation。 它被得到 從描述液晶的超級扭曲的Nematic 分子安排。
Strike Voltage
is another name for Starting Discharge Voltage, the voltage necessary to initially light a CFL.
是用于開始解除電壓另一個名字, 必要最初點燃CFL的電壓。
Stuck Pixel
See Pixel Anomaly.
The individually controlled element of an LCD display. Each pixel is made up of three independently controlled sub-pixels. In a color display these sub-pixels have red, green, or blue color filters. Or, in the case of a grayscale display, each sub-pixel will have a clear transparent filter, allowing the full grayscale range to be displayed. Each sub-pixel is capable of generating different intensities, creating a range of colors or grayscale values, which is perceived as a mixture of each sub-pixel value.
分別控制的LCD的要素 展示。 每個象素由獨立控制的3 組成 附屬象素。 在一種彩色顯示過程中這些附屬象素有紅,綠色, 或者藍色的顏色過濾器。 或者,就一灰度等級而論展示, 每個附屬象素將有一個清楚的透明的過濾器,允許 充分的灰度等級範圍被展示。 每個附屬象素是 能產生不同的強度,建立範圍 在顏色或者灰度等級價值中,被覺得一種混合物 每附屬象素的價值。
The material on which the image from the photomask is projected in the lithographic process. The material can be glass, metal or silicon; a light sensitive layer of photoresist or photo emulsion is deposited onto the surface, which enables exposure.
材料關於哪個圖像從那裡photomask 被在石印的過程裡計畫。 材料可能是 玻璃,金屬或者矽; 一燈敏感的層photoresist 或者乳膠到表面上存,哪個使能夠的照片 暴露。
SVGA Resolution
800 x 600 pixel count (800 pixels across by 480 rows high). Derived from Super VGA.
800 x 600 象素數(寬的800個象素以480年 高地劃船)。 從超級VGA得到。
Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)
A bond is made between a flexible PWB and the ITO conductive lines on the glass at the edge of the display with a multitude of conductive paths enabled by compressing conductively coated plastic microspheres in an epoxy matix.
一契約打在之間一靈活PWB 和 在在展示的邊緣的玻璃上的ITO 導電的線 由於眾多導電的道路透過壓縮使能夠 conductively在環氧的matix裡涂上塑膠microspheres。
Abbreviation of Thin Film Transistor. Usually refers to an active matrix display in which each pixel is driven by a thin film transistor deposited on the glass. Provides the best in terms of contrast and speed.
薄膜晶體三極管的縮寫。 通常 參考每個象素被驅趕的活躍的基體展示 透過一只薄膜晶體三極管在玻璃上沈積。 提供 就對比和速度而言最好。
TFT Mornitor
A TFT Monitor is a monitor that is fabricated from an active matrix LCD. ‘TFT’ refers to a Thin Film Transistor array that allows a high level of data to be multiplexed for driving the LCD material.
一臺TFT 監視器是被建立的一臺監視器 從活躍的基體LCD。 FTrefers到一只薄膜晶體三極管 允許數據的高的水準被多路傳輸為的陣列 LCD 材料。
Threshold Voltage
Electric field required to reorient the liquid crystal molecules to the point where the optical transmissivity of the transfer curve is 10% of the fully on state.
電場要求重定液體 水晶分子切中要點在那裡光學transmissivity 那些轉移的中,曲線 10%在國家上完全。
means Transmissive Color LCD module. See Transmissive.
表示Transmissive顏色LCD 模件。 見Transmissive。
Twisted Nematic. A type of LCD material. The original LCD technology. No longer used except in low priced character modules.
纏繞Nematic。 某種LCD 材料。 原先的LCD 技術。 除了在給定價的最低點裡,不再使用 性格模件。
Touch Screen Overlay
A transparent glass or hard plastic sheet that mounts over the display and allows the used to make choices and input information by touching the screen.
一個透明的玻璃杯或者堅固的塑膠褥單那 在展示上發起並且允許過去常常選擇 以及透過接觸螢幕的輸入訊息。
A type of backing, bonded to the rear polarizer, which enables light to pass through the back as well as reflecting light from the front; combines the features of Transmissive and Reflective; each subpixel is both reflective and transmissive. They are readable in any ambient light.
一類型回來,對后polarizer聯結, 使光能夠透過后面以及反映出 來自正面的光; 結合Transmissive的特徵 並且反射; 每subpixel都是反射和transmissive。 他們在任何環境光線裡可讀。
An LCD which does not have a reflector or transflector laminated to the rear polarizer. A backlight must be used with this type of LCD configuration.
沒有一個反射鏡或者transflector的LCD 對后polarizer錘打成薄片。 backlight 必須被用于 這類LCD 構造。
Adjective to describe a material that transmits light without diffusion or scattering.
形容詞描述傳送的一種材料 沒有擴散或者散佈輕。
Triple Supertwist. Sharp name for film compensated Super Twist display which uses a retardation film to correct the color shift in STN displays, and so produces a black and white image.
三倍超扭絞。 電影的敏銳的名字報酬 要改正的使用一部減速電影的超扭絞的展示 顏色在STN移動展示,因此生產一名黑人和 白色的圖像。
Twisted Nemetic (TN)
A type of liquid crystal where the alignment surface and, therefore, the liquid crystal molecules are oriented 90 degrees from each surface of glass.
某種液晶在那裡調整 表面和, 因此,液晶分子是面向的 離玻璃的每個表面90 度。
Uniformity or the lack thereof is the gradual change of luminance and/or chrominance (color) across the display.
同樣或者其缺乏是逐漸 亮度的變化和/或穿過展示的chrominance(顏色)。
User Controls / OSD
用戶控制/ OSD
The on screen display of menu options available to the user of an LCD monitor for adjustments.
可提供的菜單選項的顯示器在螢幕上 對調整的一臺LCD 監視器的用戶。
UXGA Resolution:
1600 X 1200 pixel count.
1600 X 1200 象素數。
VGA Resolution
640 x 480 pixel count (640 pixels across by 480 rows high). It originally meant a Video Graphics Adapter board found on early personal computers, whose output was an analog RGB signal on a 15 pin connector, to drive a computer's monitor in a 640x480 format.
640 x 480 象素數(寬的640個象素以480年 高地劃船)。 它最初意味著一塊視頻圖適配器板 在早期的個人計算機上發現,其產量是類比 關於一15個銷釘連接符的RGB信號,擊一臺計算機監視器 以640x 480 形式。
Video Monitor
Video Monitors are any of a variety of display monitors principally configured to display video data.
錄像監視器是任何多種展示 主要成形的監視器展示視頻數據。
Viewing Angle
A cone perpendicular to the LCD in which minimum contrast can be seen; the angle over which a display can be seen.
一成錐形垂直給 LCD在哪個最小 對比可能被看見; 展示可能是的角度 看見。
Viewable Area
The dimensions measured from the inside perimeter of the LCD bezel or LCD glass epoxy seal; the part of the LCD display that is seen inside the bezel.
尺寸從內部周邊合標準 LCD窗口或者LCD玻璃環氧的封條; LCD的部分 被查看窗口內部的展示。
Void Pixel
See Pixel Anomaly.
XGA Resolution
Short for Extended Graphics Array, a high-resolution graphics standard introduced by IBM in 1990. XGA was designed to replace the older 8514/A video standard. It provides the same resolutions (640 by 480 or 1024 by 768 pixels), but supports more simultaneous colors (65 thousand compared to 8514/A's 256 colors). In addition, XGA allows monitors to be non-interlaced.
延長的圖形陣列,高分辨率的縮寫 在1990年IBM 實施的圖形標準。 XGA被設計 替換更老的8514 /一個錄像標準。 它提供 相同決定(640到480或者1024×768 象素),但是支持 更多的同時顏色(65,000與8514 / ' s 256相比 顏色)。 另外,XGA允許監視器非交錯。
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